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All prices are as stated and UP, depending on level of stylist and complexity of service.  Please consult with your stylist about pricing.  Children 0-9 receive lower costs services as stated below.

Stylz is a full service salon offering excellent service at the best prices in the region.  We offer Haircuts, Highlights & Color, Perms & Straitening, Hair Extensions, Manicures & Pedicures, Waxing & Makeup, and Special Event Service.


Women's Designer haircut                                                 24

Women's haircut with flat-iron                                       +10

Women's flat-iron on dry hair                                           25

Women's flat-iron with shampoo                                      30

Women's cut strait across (trim only)                               20

Men's Designer haircut                                                      15

Men's beard, moustache or neck trim                                10

Men's highlights                                                                 40

Men's highlights with haircut                                            50

Child's haircut                                                                    10

Child's bangs                                                                        7

Boy's highlights with haircut                                             45

Girl's highlights with haircut                                             75

Bang trim                                                                            10

Shampoo & Blow Dry or Set                                             22

Specialty Style (Up-Do's)                                                  55

Specialty Style with makeup                                             65

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Highlights & Color Services

Partial Highlights (10 foils max)                                       45

First time all over color with highlights                          105

All over color with highlight retouch                                85

Full Foil Highlight Retouch                                               65

First time Full Foil Highlights                                           85

Toners & Fillers with color                                               20

Foil Highlights with 2 colors                                             80

Corrective Color                                                               100

Shades (semi-permanent)                                                  50

Permanent color - gels & fusion                                        55

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Perms & Straightening

Straightening/Curl Relaxer                                              100

Full wave permanent                                                          50

Full wave permanent with haircut                                     70

Spiral Wave (or long hair) below shoulder                     100

Intensive Conditioning                                                       20

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Hair Extensions  Stylz offers 100% human hair extensions by Cinderella.  To receive pricing information and an evaluation of fullness and length that's best for you, please call to set up an in-house consultation at no charge.

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Manicures & Pedicures

Salon Manicure                                                                  15

Shellac Manicure-including soak off                                30

Child's Manicure                                                                10

Polish Change – hands                                                       10

Polish Change – toes                                                          15

Add French to any polish                                                     3

Party Nails "Weekenders"                                                  30

Full Set of Nails – Artificial                                              40

Fill In                                                                                  25

Overlays                                                                             30

Nail Art                                                                                 5

Express Pedicure                                                                20

Spa Pedicure = Express + hot towels,                                40

foot mask, & massage

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Waxing & Makeup

Waxing - 1 area                                                                  10

Eyebrow tint                                                                       25

Eyebrow tint & wax                                                           30

Make-up                                                                             15

Make-up with Up-Do                                                         65

Eyelashes                                                                            20

Mini facial (peel)                                                               30

Tatoos -Airbrush                                                                 10

Tatoo Coverups - Temporary                                              10

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Special Event Services

Whatever your special event; wedding, prom, homecoming, anniversary, graduation, birthday party*, baby or bridal shower, girls day at the salon, etc., helping you look your best is our specialty.  We offer group and package pricing for special events at very reasonable rates.  Whether at your location or Stylz, let us take the stress out and bring the beauty in to your event.

*A great gift idea for you pre-teen or teen, her and a select number of friends for a salon makeover/birthday party!

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